Canoeing on small rivers, drifting downstream passt quaint villages and hilltop castles, exploring the biosphere environment with its fauna and floral abundance that surround lakes and floodplains; so too is, undertaking shore excursions, or taking a break to swim and sunbathe by the beach.

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TRAMPER- Super comfortable, extra wide beam 1– or 2-seater kayak.
For camping-expeditions on lakes and rivers.

Low weight, small pack volume, ideally suited for camper van- , mobile home-, motor bike-, train- or air travel.


The HOLIDAY 2 is the ideal choice of boat, for exploring the water ways, such as rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

It offers superb float- and riding qualities, as well as a lot of space and comfort.


The HOLIDAY 3 is the bigger version of HOLIDAY 2.

It offers place for 3 adults.


Der neue super komfortable Reisekajak MEGA zum gemütlichen Paddeln auf Flüssen, Seen, Meer und bis Wildwasser 3.

Für alle, die ein geräumiges Boot suchen, jedoch keinen Kanadier mit Stechpaddel- Antrieb möchten, sondern einen gemütlichen Doppelpaddel-Kajak.


Resurrection of the well known and successful RIVERSTAR.

Aimed at families with children, at senior citizens, canoe veterans,kayaking and travelling enthusiasts, this boat offers all one expects.


The RIVERSTAR XXL is the inflatable travel-kayak with worldwide the greatest overall length, meeting demands hitherto not covered.

The 95 cm beam renders the RIVERSTAR XXL unbeatably stable, with ample space to sit, or lay comfortably, and with no fatigue during extended trips.
The length of 595 cm offers room for a convenient stretch out, and to carry on board all that is needed.  


The ADVENTURE offers everything an experience canoeist would wish and ask for when choosing the ideal Canadian canoe.

An ideal travel companion and ever soversatile. It is the most popular boat for exploring the water-ways, whether in calm water or turbulent white-water conditions, on expeditions, motor propelled, or moving under sail. Likewise it offers a safe basis for bathing pleasure, or fishing- and hunting trips.


The ADVENTURE SL is of the ideal size to accommodate 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 children; a perfect boat for the entire family, or for the adventurer, who requires a lot of luggage space.

The inventory is the same as that of the ADVENTURE ECO.


Exploring the water-ways as one group consisting of several people is becoming increasingly popular. As part of a group of friends, members of a club, youngster or family outings, or even exploration tours organised by a boat-hire company.

The ADVENTURE TEAM is the boat best suited for the occasion. It is the enlarged version of the GRABNER ADVENTURE


OUTRIGGERS are ideal for those preferring a narrow boat, insisting on absolute stability against capsize.

E.g. when small children are on board, or for swimming and fishing excursions, using a side-mount electric motor, or fuel driven engine, or simply to take away any anxiety from people aboard.


Newcomers, older canoeists and those with little experience find it difficult sometimes, to keep a straight course (with a boat that has no steering).

The stabilising fin enhances straight directional coursholding of narrow boats, and reduces lurching and veering, when paddling without a rudder.

Boating is the new exercise form - and effortless canoeing is a healthy activity in the outdoors.

The waterways are a pleasant alternative to the loud and dangerous traffic routes on land. Suddenly everything seems very different, and you are far from everything without having travelled far.