slipping wheels - motorboats

SLIPPING WHEELS - motorboats

Small wheels for easy moving of the SPEED, MUSTANG and MUSTANG GT ashore and launching.

Can be used on concrete, solid lawn, solid sand, gravel roads, etc

Two profiles need to be fixed on the transom (holes are serially drilled). The profiles can remain on the transom for packing.
The wheels get plugged into each profile and locked with snap-fastener.

The wheels need to be taken off for driving and can be secured upside down inside the profiles.

The wheels can be taken off for smaller packing size.

  • Material:  stainless steel
  • Max. load: 150 kg
  • Air-tyre wheels:  3,00-4 (260 x 85)
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Weight::  6.5 kg

€ 390.- / pair Order

Spare wheel for boat trolley

Spare wheel for boat trolley with support leg, boat-transport wheel-barrow, boat trolley wide and slipping wheels

€ 40,- Order