Trimaran sailing rig HOLIDAY 3
Trimaran sailing rig EXPLORER 2

For GRABNER inflatable boats: HOLIDAY, EXPLORER

Besides paddling and driven by an electric motor GRABNER kayak (paddle boats) can be used with sails. It is not about high sporty sailing, but sailing fun by free wind-drive.

The Trimaran sails emain absolutelyuser-friendly, since no additional brackets have to be affixed to the boat, and because rigging up and taking it all down can be done in an eye-blink of time.

Suitably dimensioned jib and mainsail ad up to a total of 4m2 sail area, allowing remarkable sailing speeds.

Beamy outriggers provide adequate protection against capsize for even narrow boats. That is a distinct advantage for novices to sailing, or the not so experienced sailor; because safety is of paramount importance.

Infinite adjustable leeboards are attached to the outrigger structure and allow setting to any angle from straight down to horizontal, convenient for embarking ashore.

The clear view screen in the foresail is suitably positioned to provide effectual forward vision on all sail settings.

It takes the slightest of breeze only to get the boat moving, and lively sailing is experienced up to wind force 3.

In contrast to driving sail rigs that allow downwind- and reach-, but not windward sailing, trimaran rigs enable sailing of courses, including close hauled and tacking.

However, anyone who is looking for a highly sporty sailing boat, which can be used in nearly all sailing areas, should use a HAPPY CAT.


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Technical data: HOLIDAY, EXPLORER

mast length

320 cm

boom length

148 cm

distance floor to boom

95 cm


1.5 m2


2.5 m2

total sail area

4 m2

total weight

13.8/13.5/13.7 kg

packing dims. minimal

150 x 25 x 20 cm

longest component

148 cm

max. wind-force

3 Bft

Trimaran sailing rig for HOLIDAY 2, 3:

Special price € 1.280,- (instead of 1.600,-)  Order

Trimaran sailing rig for EXPLORER 1, 2

Special price € 1.280,- (instead of € 1.600,-)  Order


  • Mountings without separate brackets
  • infinite adjustable swivel type leeboards
  • anodized aluminium profile mast and boom
  • mast foot
  • shrouds with carbines
  • dacron sails
  • main sail
  • complete with insignia
  • mast head fly
  • boom and -downhaul
  • sail batten
  • Foresail with clear view screen
  • sheets with cam cleat
  • anodized outrigger beams with floats made from boat skin material
  • complete with air valve and mounting lugs
  • small flatpack
  • in holiday 2 is room for 1 adult and 1 child only
  • in holiday 3 is sufficient space for 2 adults

Sail areas of fore- and mainsail are dimensioned to suit the permissible wind force. Those dimensions must not be increased, for reasons of risk of accident and damage, when exposed to unexpected strong winds and squalls.


Informations sailing riggs

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