Combination paddle

Single + double blade Combination paddle

This type of paddle is required for those wishing to alternate single- and double paddling.

By rearrangement of the shaft sections; 2 single blade paddles joined together form 1 double blade paddle, or vice versa.

Double blade paddles may be used straight or turned 90°.

  • Available with strong polyethylene-blades measuring 44 x 19 cm
  • anodised and sleeved aluminium shaft.
  • Double push-down button separation
  • 2 shafts with ea. 1 blade
  • 2 shafts with comfortable hand-grips.

Total length (double blade paddle): 270 cm

Lenght (single blade paddle): 155 cm

Individual sections: 138 cm / 24 cm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Colour: black

€ 95,- Order