With loads bearing on one side, long and narrow boats tend to capsize, i.e. If all people on board lean over to one side. That be the case when boarding after a swim or using an outboard engine side-mount.

Outriggers are ideal for those preferring a narrow boat, insisting on absolute stability against capsize. e.g. when small children are on board, or for swimming and fishing excursions, using a side-mount electric motor, or fuel driven engine, or simply to take away any anxiety from people aboard.

With 1 outrigger the boat is stabilized on one side. i.e. when using an outboard engine or a boat ladder.

2 outriggers balance and support the boat both side and render capsize of the craft like a trimaran, almost impossible.

Outrigger double-sided (motor-bracket not supplied as standard)
with 1 outrigger
with 2 outriggers