Watersport certainly is a lovely leisuretime activity.  Spectacular accidents that make headlines in the press, thanks goodness are a rare. Those wishing to enjoy their leisure by and in the water want to do so without worry.
Who thinks of the risk of drowning? Particularly if a good swimmer, one feels secure. One forgets though, that panic, long exposure to water and hypothermia draws most of the energy from a swimmer. Wearing life-jackets is the best prevention of emergency situations, such as drowning.

How to protect yourself when participating in watersports?

Of course, the primary precautions are rationality and discipline, observation of weather conditions and compliance with expert suggestions. The next step is to always wear buoyancy aids and life jackets, the best insurance against emergency situations and drowning.

Buoyancy-aids protect against sinking, cold and injury.
Life-jackets turn the person in the water on their back to keep head above the water facing upward, and to keep mouth and nose free to breathe. Other features like grabhandles, breech-straps, emergency whistle, light-reflexing patches etc. provide additional security and enable swift rescue of the capsize victim.


... in sport successful and well proven during rescue extreme-operations.

GRABNER produce since 1975 the sportive most successful range of buoyancy products in the world.

World-champions, Europe- and Statechampions of different water sport disciplines wear and win with GRABNER.
Expeditions, rafting companies, extremeadventurers, fire-fighting services, ship-operators and the military; they all trust GRABNER buoyancy-aids and life-jackets.
That of course is to the benefit of leisure sports activities too.

The most important accessory serves safety! They are GRABNER buoyancy-aids and lifejackets - You could not do more for your safety afloat!

  • Buoyancy
    The core of GRABNER solid foam vests is the buoyancy foam. It consists of a network of minute air bubbles. For the reason of that no cuts, stabs,chemicals, extreme cold and heatcan diminish its buoyant properties.
  • Cold-insulation
    A victim drifting in water constantly looses
    body heat. GRABNER solid foam vests enhance the victims survival, because of their insulating effect against cold,and that particularly in the vicinity of the heart.

Survival chance in water:

Water temperatur in Celsius degreeFalling into unconsciousness after hours
Death from hypothermia after hours
01/41/4 - 1 1/4
101/2 - 11 - 2
152 - 46 - 8
203 - 720 - 30
251230 and +

  • Shock absorption
    GRABNER foam buoyancy aids and life jackets protect against injuries from blows and abrasions thanks to "shock absorption". And because they are super-soft, they adjust well to the movements of the body. Especially important in white-water sports and rafting.
  • Wearing comfort
    You will only wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket willingly if you feel comfortable and can move freely. GRABNER jackets provide a fit of maximum comfort and freedom of movement. To ensure you'll wear them when you need them.
  • High-quality materials
    In order to withstand wear and tear in use, Graber buoyancy aids and life jackets are made of the highest quality material. Each jacket comes with detailed usage and care instructions as well as a storage bag.
    The CE test procedure includes the following individual test:
    Material test:  Tear resistance, tear strength, decomposition resistance, pressure and abrasion test, thermal stability, colour fastness, reflector material, etc.
    Component test: Connective strength (seams), buoyancy determination, horizontal and vertical load bearing capacity tests, fire proofing, etc.
    Water technical test: Putting-on time, test for proper fit, freedom of movement, jump from pool edge, jump from 3 m height, stable back-float position, rotation to safe back-float position in the event of loss of consciousness, freeboard height, swimming test, etc.
  • GRABNER buoyancy aids and life jackets
    are successful in sport and reliable in extreme use. GRABNER has been a buoyancy aid and life jacket specialist since 1975, and produces the most successful "sports" models in the world. World champions, European champions and national champions in a variety of water sports disciplines wear and win with GRABNER buoyancy aids and life jackets. Many expeditions, commercial rafting operations, numerous extreme sports adventurers, fire brigades, shipping enterprises and the armed forces also rely on GRABNER products.
    The experience from the field of top sports and extreme fields of use benefits us all. For the models for leisure sports are also designed and tested with the assistance of leading world champions and relevant experts.
  • CE approval certificate
    All GRABNER buoyancy-aids and live-jackets have been designed, conforming to strict EN-Norms. They are tested at the Centre for Safety-Technology at Haan in Germany. CE approval numbers guarantee a product meeting required safety-standards in all respects. Production adheres to Norm ISO 9001 standard. The type tasting approval procedure encompasses material and component checks, as well as water technological examination.


  • When choosing between a buoyancy foam jacket and an inflatable life jacket, the following points should be considered:
  • Buoyancy foam jackets: obtain their buoyancy from built-in sealed-cell buoyancy foam. This means that buoyancy can never be lost. A buoyancy foam jacket provides the additional advantage of heat insulation, it is always ready to use, easy to care for, long lived and reasonably priced. These jackets are available as EN 393 buoyancy aids and as EN 395 life jackets.
  • Inflatable life jackets: obtain their buoyancy through the inflation of an air pocket. The advantage is its small size when deflated, and the wearing comfort.
    Automatic air jackets require regular checks of function, careful care, periodic and conscientious maintenance and checking of the release and inflation mechanism, while the air pocket must be protected against damage.


  • Jumping into the water, wearing a buoyancy aid or life jacket?
  • The purpose of buoyancy aids and life jackets is to keep a person afloat when in the water.
  • Buoyancy aids and life jackets are NOT designed for jumping into the water from great height.! On the contrary, jumping from great height may cause injury (and spinal injury in particular), because of the impact jolt caused by the "brake action" when the buoyancy material hits the water and will not immerse.
  • When wearing GRABNER buoyancy aids and life jackets DO NOT jump into the water from heights exceeding 2 metres.
  • For heights up to 2 metres, wearing correct size and well fitting buoyancy aid is essential. Even at jumps from up to 2 metres, arms must be crossed and firmly pressed against the chest.