Buoyancy-aid CONQUEST

Buoyancy-aid CONQUEST

The CONQUEST simply slips over the head, thereafter the left and right side panels are stuck to the Velcro front panel and locked by the push-in buckle. That’s it!

Whether thin or thick, small or tall, the infinitely adjustable vest fits.

Made in Austria


Material: 250 g nylon cover

Buoyancy: super-soft buoyancy foam - for best wearing comfort

CE number: 0610386

Type: Buoyancy-aid Type 50 - EN 393

Colour: Red-black

Size: S

Special price € 184,- (phase-out model) Order

Buoyancy-aid CONQUEST


  • fully elastic neoprene side panels with wide Velcro closure
  • quick-release chest belt with diversion plate
  • cowtail D-ring for attaching to safety lines
  • neoprene padded shoulder straps
  • shoulder-reflex-strips both side
  • 2 neoprene pockets for carabiner and emergency knife etc.
  • neck pocket for safe keeping of small items
  • backpack for drink-system and rescue throw-bag
  • karabiner-fitting with quick release opening
  • universal fixing plate for knife etc.
  • invisible belt system to absorb horizontal and vertical energy
  • cover made from robust cloth with double stitching
  • drain netting on vest and back-pack
  • coat hanger-loop
  • further description of CONQUEST

Sizedress size
weight of user kgbuoyancy in Newton
Schildren: 152 - 164, woman: 34 - 3840 - 6060