Newcomers, older canoeists and those with little experience find it difficult sometimes, to keep a straight course (with a boat that has no steering).

The stabilising fin enhances straight directional coursholding of narrow boats and reduces lurching and veering, when paddling without a rudder. The specially designed bracket allows the fin to be fixed and taken off to suit.

The stabilising fin can also be fitted retrospectively to all GRABNER boats.

Not for use with motor-drive.

Stabilising fin

Stabilising fin

Sturdy aluminium finish incl. bracket, material and instructions for bonding to the boat.

Length of fin: 18 cm, Height: 12 cm

Mounting bracket: 28 x 4,5 cm

Weight: appr. 0.24 kg (fin only)

€ 70,- Order

Service works - carried out the GRABNER Boat factory: Bonding of fitting for STABILISING FIN

Replacement-Stabilising fin

€ 40,- Order

Replacement-Fin mounting bracket

€ 30,- Order