Electric outboard motors are absolutely silent, produce no exhaust gases and cause no un-necessary waves. Of course, they are not as lively as fuel driven engines. They are sufficient though for leisurely motion.

Fuel propelled engines are restricted entirely or at certain times from operation on some waters. Those waters are open though, only for the use of electric motors.

The energy supply comes from a special boat-battery, designed for gradual but continuous discharge. An ordinary car battery is not suited. Depending on speed-setting, a battery charge suffices for several hours of operation.

All GRABNER inflatable boats are suited for electric motor application:

Kayaks and Canadian canoes with outrigger and engine bracket

RANGER und HAPPY CAT with engine bracket

SPEED, MUSTANG + MUSTANG GT with standard supplied transom board



TORQEEDO Electric-motors:

Travel 1003 C

The latest outboard motor - generation offering unique efficiency. Low volume and weight, yet very powerful, with long range capabilities. Battery-power-packs are sealed waterproof. The motors additionally provide integrated digital displays + GPS for precise information on state of charge, power consumption, speed and range. An acoustic signal warns, when residual power sinks to less than 30%. Torqeedo electric-outboard motors have over conventional electric-outboard motors twice as high effiency. That means that the same output power requires half the energy.

Ultralight Electric Stern-drive-motor:

The new Torqeedo stern-drive-motor suits boats with capsize resisting properties of the series, TRAMPER, HOLIDAY, EXPLORER, MEGA, RIVERSTAR and ADVENTURE.
Steering control of the motor on canoes by means of 2 foot pedals mounted to the foot brace bar, except the ADVENTURE, which has 2 manual pull handles mounted to the midship seat-board, where the electronic control unit, fitts between floor and side tube, providing a throttle lever for infinite adjustable speed control.

Grabner Torqeedo Elektro Motor
Travel 1003 C
Torqeedo 1003 C
Torqeedo Ultralight 403 C - stern-drive-motor