For the sake of good order on board, protection of items against wet, and in the event of capsize against loss.

Made from 100% waterproof material, heat-welded, with watertight zip-fastener and appropriate tie-straps.

NOTICE: bags with a watertight zip require to be kept smooth sliding, and to be maintained by occasional application of gel or silicon spray. A tube of gel is supplied with every bag.

Items (like mobile-phone, camera and documents etc.) that must not get wet under any circumstances, should additionally be packed in a plastic bag.

Bow/stern bag Explorer, Riverstar


For camping equiment, spraycover etc.

Colour: red

Usable volume: 45 litre

Size: 75 x 48/28 x 19/12 cm

Weight: 0.8 kg

€ 140,- Order